The time is now

10:53 AM

September. Reminds me of beginnings and transitions since childhood. And, hence, anxiety, to be completely honest. Getting used to studying/working, having significantly less spare time for hobbies and activities that help us relax, shorter and colder days... To put it all in one word - stress!

This year is no exception on this issue. I went back to work in August but I haven't felt real burden until now. Now, I am completely buried by items on my to do list, and September is just a beginning. Won't get any better, at least in the next 6 or 7 months. So I guess it's time for me to change my strategy, approach and way of thinking. Maybe transitions don't have to be threats, but opportunities. Maybe I should accept the fact that the time is now!

To define a goal and fight for it. To embrace my flaws. To overcome a fear. To reach for something better. To sit tight and be patient when needed. To give my best. To realize that I am my own biggest obstacle, but also my biggest ally, and act according to that. Can it be that hard when you feel determined? ;)

Enjoy the weekend, guys!
Until the next post!


(photos taken by: Aleksandar Begović // edit: myself // equipment used: Canon EOS 600d, lens 50mm f/1.8)

tank top // Pull&Bear
pants, necklace // Zara
kimono // Oasap
bag // Mona
sandals // H&M

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  1. ja ne verujem kako su sandale dobro uklopile uz kimono... odlichno!

    1. I meni se čini da su se baš uklopile! :) A tek uz ovu bluzu:

  2. Very pretty!

  3. Predobar outfit,i odlicne slike !

  4. You look absolutely stunning!
    I love this combination....Simply gorgeous as always.