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When it comes to hobbies, I do have quite a few. I enjoy photography, drawing, sewing and generally creating stuff, trying new things, learning new skills and collecting all kinds of items (mainly Kinder surprise toys as it will come to your attention - just keep scrolling!). I guess you're all aware of my love for photography, some of you may have seen a few of my sewing projects, but I'm quite sure drawing is a passion I haven't had a chance to mention. It's actually a passion that has been put on hold for the last 6 or 7 years but a few days ago I decided to let myself enjoy the luxury of spare time and resurrect it. I just wanted to check if I still feel good vibes when it comes to drawing, and although the final result isn't anywhere near spectacular, I'm showing it to you because I'm satisfied with it and that's all that matters when something is a hobby. You don't have to compete or be the best, there's no such pressure. You just have to enjoy doing it! 

And I enjoyed so much that I think the next step is trying aquarelle painting technique! I know what you're thinking now - That escalated quickly! - but I assure you, by the end of the summer you will see a post on this blog with my first painting cause I made a promise to myself and you should do it to! Now is the time to learn to take proper photos, to master archery (it looks cool and it feels great), to learn a new language or to learn, I don't know... to ride a bike (like that girl I saw a few days ago, approximately my age, learning to ride a bike with a little help of her bf - so cute and never too late!). Final conclusion - don't let yourself be bored and don't fight boredom by infinite web browsing. Go and create something. Move!

In the meantime, enjoy summer! We deserved it!
Till the next post, 

(photos taken by: Aleksandar Begovć, myself // equipment used: Canon EOS 600D, lens 50mm f/1.8)

jacket, shirt, pants, necklace / ZARA
bag / MONA
shoes / ALDO

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  1. Predobre fotke! Pantalone su super!

  2. Hello from Spain: Fabulous porcelain. I like your necklace. Nice photos.We keep in touch

  3. Super poslovna kombinacija.
    Skica kristala je predivna, prosto bi je uramila sebi i stavila na zid.

  4. Divna! Hej pa imamo mnogo toga zajednickog, ja takodje volim da sijem a i da crtam :) Takodje i skupljam stvari, magnete i flase pica iz cijelog svijeta :) Mada je sve manje vremena za silne hobije :( :**

  5. @ Balkan style by M.
    Zanimljivo! :D Imamo skroz slicna interesovanja, posebno kada na nabrojano dodas ocigledne stvari poput blogovanja ili putovanja, sto smo vec ranije ustanovile... :) Za takve stvari se vremena mora naci. Kako kazu - sve je stvar organizacije :)

  6. Odlicne fotografije!