Quit? Never!

4:39 AM

Finally I have found some time to make my blog look like I wanted it to look! And when I said "found some time" I actually meant "stole it from the night". Let's just say that when I get stuck with something I know so little about (in this case html codes!) I don't let go easily. So I fought with the new template, dealt with a shitload of bugs (cause I'm html ignorant), I googled "how to..." too many times. I applied and I removed. And when my blog appearance finally started taking the long wanted shape I decided it's time for bed. In that very moment I also came to realize that it's 4:30 am and that maybe I could prepare myself a coffee! (I lied, I don't actually drink coffee but you get the picture.)

My point is - you can learn anything, if you have curiosity and guts to try it and will to hold on when it's though. You can even learn to make curls with hair straightener. Well, at least I believe you can cause I'm still struggling to unlock that achievement!

Have a nice day, guys!
Until the next post <3

(photos taken by: Aleksandar Begović, myself // equipment used: Canon EOS 600D, lens 50mm f/1.8)

shirt / BERSHKA
pants / ZARA
bag / MONA
necklace / OASAP

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  1. Preslatka kosulja i savrsena ogrlica!

  2. Super outfit i dopada mi se novi izgled bloga :)

    1. Hvala, Kaca! <3
      Jeste da me je namucio, ali... :)

  3. Ja moram veliki lajk da da ogrlici i kosulji :)

  4. Sjajno !!! Kao i uvek ;) Nadam se da ces sada cesce postovati :D
    Nego , da li neko zna mozda da li casopis Stilbook i dalje izlazi ? Uvek sam nalazila ideje za soping tamo , ali vec dugo ne mogu da ga nadjem ...

    1. Hvala! <3 Nadam se i ja! :)
      Stilbook je, čini mi se, prestao da izlazi onda kada sam ja počela da ga kupujem (bila sam redovni čitalac tačno 1 ceo mesec!), a to je bilo proslog proleća. Ne sećam se da sam ga od tada ikada videla na kioscima.