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Since my job is the main cause that kept me away from this place for months now, it's only fair that the first post after a long break is dedicted to workwear. Today, I'm proving once again something we all allready know, but it can't harm anyone if I mention it again - having a basic waredrobe will take you places!

In the past couple of years I transformed from a maniacal hoarder of colorful, eyecatching clothes and accessories with a bunch of details, to a cautious shopper of basic, simple pieces. Why? Because I was constantly stuck under a pile of clotes that occupied my life space, and still - I had nothing to wear. And if that's not indicator that change is urgently needed, I don't know what is.

Remember that rule - if you like something you should buy it only if you can come up with at least 3 outfit ideas that include that particular piece? Well, I don't even have to use it anymore, cause I've built basic wardrobe that provides me with endless possibilities when it comes to combining pieces. Because everything matches everything (well... almost!). Today, I will share with you 6 possible combinations, using limitted number of items, but the thing is - the list of opitions is not even nearly exausted with these 6. Feel free to comment which one do you prefer or to suggest a different combo - something you would wear.

1. The first combination is the only one I still haven't had a chance to wear (at least not in the exact way as shown in the pictures), but the day will come, I'm positive. I would call it the most creative and eyecatching of all shown here.

2. When I feel ladylike I put on a pencil skirt. Eternal inspiration for this kind of looks is, of course, Rachel from "Suits". Those of you who don't know the lady - just google it.

3. This one is the so called too-busy-and-stressed-to-try-to-combine-patterns-or-try-something-new. It's the state of mind when you just wanna play on the safe side, so the colors are neutral and cuts are clean and simple. It is the ultimate benefit of the basic waredrobe - you always have your last minute option which looks decent. I also tend to add a statement piece of jewelry, though. Just to spice it up a bit.

4. Once againg, the pants that are so specific that I let them do their magic and I went for as-simple-as-possible with the rest of the outfit. Plus a ponytail for a slightly more strict look, having in mind quite fashion-forward pants and statement necklace.

5. Here's one that may open a discussion on how office appropriate is it, having in mind the shirt (bare shoulders). To escape it, let's assume summer dress code, and it all goes away. The combination itself is quite generic, while the mix of deep green and purple is what makes it interesting. At least in my opinion.

6. About casual fridays - the first thing that crosses people's minds is probably something from the list: denim, sneakeres, t-shirts, maybe a sweatshirts (in a bit drastical case). On the other hand, my idea of casual friday is what you see below. For some reason, th is outfitdoesn't look strict enough to be wore durign the week, which makes it a perfect friday material. Would you agree?

blue shirt / H&M, white shirt with squares / Zara, white top / Beneton, purple shirt / Stradivarius, pants with squares / Zara, skirt / Zara, olive pants / Zara, petroleum pants / Zara, olive cardigan / Zara, blazer / Zara, black shoes / Aldo, nude shoes / Zara, bag / Mona,  necklace / Zara

(photos taken by my mom // edit: myself // equipment used: Canon EOS 600D, lens 18-55mm)

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