Let me occupy your mind...

3:14 AM

If my mind was a browser, it would have 1456 open tabs. That's how I feel in the last couple of days. It seems like I exaggerated with all the plans made and goals set for this summer. I was like - I want everything and I want it now! Reading books, working on my master thesis, preparing for a trip in much detail, learning a new language, working out on a regular basis, photographing and drawing a lot, studying IFRS and laws applicable to my job and finally tidying up a huge collection of photographs that has been, slowly but surely, growing until it finally consumed the last bits of my hard disc space. If only I could split into a few Marijas, or if only a day lasted longer than 24h... Or both! Yeah, let's do both!

But, don't think even for a second that I'm a total mess! I managed to pull off a few things and cross them off. Like for example, I did my homework when it comes to trip preparations, I am currently working on my immense photographs collection and I read one book (out of 4, as my summer goal states!). And yes, I am talking about the book quoted in this post. It's definitely not a classic, it's not life changing, it's not a masterpiece you must read... But you could. Because it's gentle, relaxing, it makes you wonder... And it's Ivan Tokin, that guy whose column in City Magazine you probably love (I can't imagine otherwise).

Enjoy the photos!
Until the next post...

(photos taken by: Aleksandar Begović, myself // equipment used: Canon EOS 600D, lens 50mm f/1.8)

blazer - BERSHKA
shirt, bag - PULL & BEAR
jeans - NEW LOOK
sneakers - REEBOK

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  1. Odlične su fotke, kao i tvoja kombinacija! I planiram tu knjigu da pročitam, sad si me još više zainteresovala.. :)

  2. amazing pictures! Don't think too much at the same time, it'll lead to a really nasty stress ;) trust me! just let it flow

    Pudding Monster

  3. Oduševljena izborom svakog predmeta korišćenog u ovoj kombinaciji.
    I slike su divne i boje i kontrasti i ceo osećaj.
    Zaista super urađeno :D

  4. Volim ovakve kombinacije, patike su odlicne :))